About Us

CKD Shop has been operating for over five years. Initially, starting in the small town of Clermont, in Central Queensland Australia, CKD Shop is now based in Southam Warwickshire, United Kingdom and Brisbane, Australia. We produce niche reproduction panels for Land Rover Series 1 Vehicles, as well as a growing range of spares and accessories.

The company is owned and operated by Alexander Massey and Robert Sprason. Together the business produces an expanding range of aluminium spot welded panels that include doors, tailgates, rear unit body sections, seat frames and locker lids.

The term "CKD" means Completely Knocked Down and this was how The Rover Co. exported later Land Rover Series 1's all over the world in a kit form.

Robert having met Alex while researching a particularly early Land Rover, a friendship was quickly born out of a mutual interest for these vehicles.

This ultimately led to the forming of the business he now co-owns with Alex.

Above: Alex's 1950 Model Land Rover Queensland Assembled CKD
Above: Rob's 1948 Model Land Rover R861164